[AARA] Acadiana Amateur Radio Association & D-STAR

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Mar 15 13:34:56 CDT 2018

The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association and Lafayette Science Museum announces Triple D +1!

While Guy Fieri does Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, The AARA sponsors the Delta Division D-STAR Day.  Come hear from the experts on how to get started in D-STAR, how others are using D-Star for Public Service and Emergency Communications, as well as some of the programming/operational basics!

This event will be held at the Lafayette Science Museum, in Lafayette, Louisiana, May 5, 2018.  8:30AM -4:30PM

In Person:
Ray Novak, N9JA
John Davis, WB4QDX, GEMA and D-STARinfo.com

More in person:
George & Tommy from Amateurlogic.tv

Via Skype:
Robin Cutshaw, AA4RC, Internet Labs - DVAP & DV Dongle + MORE

If you are interested in this platform and or are not sure yet, this is the place to be.

More as details are available.
  Hotel and RV information will be provided.

Keith Barnes - W5KB
Event Coordinator
w5kb at arrl.net

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