[AARA] Special Olympics Games - May 19-20

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu May 10 14:48:25 CDT 2018

We're looking for additional ham radio volunteers to support the 
Louisiana Special Olympic Games to be held
on the Southeastern LA University campus later this month.  If 
interested, pick a spot or two on the schedule
below and send the REPLY to me. Any part of either day will be 
appreciated. Details are in the paragraphs in
this email below this schedule.  Thanks for your assistance!
73, Bob Priez
LA ARES DEC Region 9
Communications Support Team
                                                   Hammond, May 18-20, 2018
The Operations/Communications Center is in Zachary Taylor Hall. Parking 
is in front at the intersection
of North General Pershing and West Texas Avenue. We provide comms 
support for the medical and
logistics teams (water, ice, safety, etc.)
     Bob WB5FBS, Ralph K5CAV, ___________, __________

1. Carmen KF5VXO- SLU EOC
     Bob WB5FBS   - 7:30am  OPS/COMM CENTER (Zachary Taylor Hall)
     ___________  - 12:30pm
2.  David W5NPV  - 7:30am  TRACK & FIELD (North Oak St & University Ave)
      Keith KF5VLX
      David W5NPV  - 1:00pm

  3. Fred K5FMM   - 8:00am  VOLLEYBALL (Pennington Center)
      Ed KE5GMN &Pat KE5KMM
      Ralph K5CAV  - 12:00noon - 2:00pm
      Lyle KD5JRY

  4. John AA5UY   - 8:00am  BOCCE (Football Practice Field)
      Judy AA5UZ
      John AA5UY   - 11:30pm

      Judy AA5UZ
  5. ___________  - 8:00am SOFTBALL THROW (Pennington Center Front Lawn)
      ___________  - 12:30pm
  SUNDAY, May 20:
  1. Carmen KF5VXO- SLU EOC
     Bob WB5FBS   -  7:00am  OPS/COMM CENTER (Zachary Taylor Hall)

  2. William KG5WBL- 7:30am  TRACK & FIELD (North Oak St & University Ave)
  3. Ernie N5NIB        - 8:00am BOCCE (Football Practice Field)
  4. ___________  - 8:00am SOFTBALL THROW (Pennington Center Front Lawn)
  5. LASO Staff   -  9:30am  POWER LIFTING  (SPOGA Studio, off campus)
We will be operating 2m simplex on 147.480MHz so all you need is your 
handheld and spare batteries.
Most events will be outdoors, so wear comfortable clothes and bring your 
sports chair, hat or cap, sun
protection and/or rain gear.
What Do I Need to Know as a Volunteer?
Our job is to provide communications support for the logistics (water, 
ice, safety) and medical teams.
We will be operating on VHF FM simplex (147.480MHz) around the campus, 
so all you will need is
your handi-talki and spare batteries. Most events will be outdoors, so 
you will want to bring comfortable
clothes, your sports chair, sun protection and/or rain gear.
Sign in at the Operations/Comm Center in Zachary Taylor Hall where you 
will be given your assignment,
volunteer shirt and information. You will be assigned to an event or 
site on campus. Locate the person in
charge of that activity and identify yourself as the 'communications 
operator'. Stay in contact with that
person during your shift. Contact Ops/Comm Center on your radio and 
confirm that you are 'on site'.
BE OBSERVANT of what is going on and report any problems or needs 
(water, ice, supplies or medical
issues) to the Communications Center. If MEDICAL TEAM OR AMBULANCE is 
required, report that
immediately to the Comm Center. DO NOT - REPEAT DO NOT - INITIATE ANY 
911 calls. Those
calls must come through the University Police and will be made from the 
Operations Center.
You may bring whatever food or snacks that you require, but there will 
be ice and water at most of the
venues, and food and drink is available in the Olympic Village and a few 
other sites on campus.
Thank You for volunteering in this 50th Anniversary year of the Special 
Olympic Games! You are a vital
part of the success of the games and the well-being of the games 
participants.  Their families and friends
appreciate the support that you provide as a volunteer!
You can check in on the SELARC 147.00 repeater when enroute to the 
campus and we will provide any
driving directions that you may in getting to the 
Operations/Communications Center.
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