[AARA] Amateur Radio Equipment for Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Sep 1 07:35:40 CDT 2018

Attention All,

     I have a TELEX-HYGAIN T2X / Tailtwister Rotor & Control Box for sale...
     Both units are like new 10 out of 10 condition with documents of 
proof of refurb by Norms Rotor Service
     Price is $590 for both (I believe a new unit is now close to 
$800!!!)...upon cleared payment, I will deliver up to 100 mile radius of 
Baton Rouge...

     Also have several SK items available...I believe any fair offer 
submitted, the surviving wife will accept...

     Yaesu FT-60 HT w several batteries, mic and other extras...10/10 
     Vibroplex keyer, looks expensive, I have no idea of value...very 
good condition
     I will pass all fair offers to her for consideration...

     Also, 2 non ham related items (firearms), contact me for details...

     Thanks to all for your consideration!!!

Bruce / KB5WNU / EM40kv
kb5wnu at yahoo.com
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