[AARA] CAPE Balloon Flight Update

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Aug 19 10:09:32 CDT 2019

The UL CAPE team launched a balloon from the Lake Charles Air Port 
Sunday at 9:15 AM Sunday morning August 18, 2019. At 38,000 feet, the 
GPS quit reporting and shortly thereafter, they lost the communication 
link. At 10:30 AM the team issuer a "cut down command" to separate the 
pay load from the balloon.  Partial communication was established when 
the balloon descended below 20,000 feet and the GPS started reporting 
its position . Data indicated the payload landed approximately 20 miles 
SW of Lake Charles in a heavy brush area. The team was unable to find 
the balloon, but plan to return to the area with a drone to search and 
try to recover the pay load.  The teams have several challenges:

 1. Recover the pay load
 2. Investigate what caused the GPS to quit reporting at 38,000 feet
 3. The cause of the communication link to fail
 4. Lesions learned to improve the next launch

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Stay tuned. If you have any question please send us an email to this list:

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