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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Aug 4 07:17:50 CDT 2020

*BEARS Club W5BMC in Morgan City
*BEARS will again be taking part in this international ham radio event 
starting the evening of August 21 and
running until early morning on the 23rd.  We will be set up at the Ray 
Rasberry Tower in Lighthouse Park on
the riverfront in Berwick, Louisiana on the /Atchafalaya River/ across 
from Morgan City.  We will be using the
call W5BMC and operating on 20 & 40 meters.  More information will be 
posted on later e-mails.
Councilman Raymond Price generously donated the new Cushcraft A3S 
tri-band antenna and rotor.
As soon as this event is over, we will begin advertising nationally that 
the tower, antenna and rotor are there for the
use of any ham who would like to set up his radio and make contacts from 
The Southwest Reef Lighthouse located
in Lighthouse Park in Berwick.  This will be a first of its kind 
anywhere that we  know of, and we are hoping we will
have many visitors
*RUMOR, RUMOR -*  There is a possibility that Franklin, Louisiana will 
reschedule the Black Bear Festival in November.
So, we are waiting for more word.  This is our most fun one right on the 
bayou side,  so hopefully they will be able to do this.
Will keep all of you posted.
I received a e-mail yesterday from a unknown source claiming to be AARA 
Club president.  The e-mail
sender and telephone number was not that of our club president. The text 
went like this:

/Hi Herman , /
/I need your assistance, are you accessible? I'm out of town , I need 
you to handle this on my behalf for "AARA" We need some
gift vouchers for gift to Veterans at Hospice Care and welfare with 
patients . Regards , /
//Sincerely yours. /
/Chris Ancelet N5MCY . /
/President /
/(765) 636-2548/

If you receive this e-mail, *beware*, they want you to take money from 
your club treasury and meet them
some where to purchase phony gift cards. The club president e-mail they 
used was:
Chris Ancelet <owner at my-awarwcran.org>


Lo*uisiana Delta Radio Club KC5DR
*Attention!!* The Louisiana Delta Radio Club is proud to announce its 
*/First Annual Swap Fest/* honoring the courage and perseverance of 
Carter Robertson, son of John and Sunni Robertson, Carter’s strength is 
a beacon for all those who have obstacles to overcome. *Saturday, 
October 24, 2020 at 8:00 AM CDT*
*The Fest will be at the Cheniere Lake Pavilions 1 B and 1 C. Located 
about 2 miles SW of West Monroe, Louisiana *
The Grand Prize will be an Icom IC-705
Second Prize a Yaesu FTM-300 VHF/UHF Mobile Third Prize a Yaesu FTM-70R 
VHF/UHF HT Door prizes given out every hour starting at 9:00am. Doors 
open at 6:00 am for vendors 8:00 am for the public. Admission is a$5.00.
Ricky Little KI5GEI will be whipping up a huge pot of Jambalaya , Hot 
Dogs, drinks and Chips..
Vendor, and flea market tables Spaces (if you bring your own tables) is 
$5.00 per table. If you need a table it will wan additional $5.00 and 
electricity another $5.00. Tail gating area $5.00 per spot.
LIMITED SPOTS.. most spots under the pavilions are directly accessible 
for loading and unloading.
Current Vendor List:
Palmetto Antennas
Brinson Bling - $5.00 Jewelry
Rhonda's Vinyl Creations (callsign license plates, window stickers) 
Hosted by Joe Holland KB5VJY and Louisiana Delta Radio Club - KC5DR 
*New Amateur Extra Question Pool Released* The new Amateur Extra-class 
license examination question pool, effective from July 1, 2020, through 
June 30, 2024, has been released and is available at the National 
Conference of Volunteer Coordinators (NCVEC) website. The 2020 – 2024 
Extra-class pool incorporates significant changes compared to the 
current 2016 – 2020 question pool, which expired on June 30. The number 
of questions in the pool was reduced from 712 to 622. The result was 239 
modified questions, 49 new questions, and 139 questions removed due to 
changes in what was felt to be an abundance of outdated questions, while 
areas of new technology and subjects were added. In addition, an effort 
was made to balance the difficulty level, removing or replacing some 
questions deemed too easy or too difficult compared to the rest of the 
pool. The 2020 pool has 10 diagrams, which have been renumbered because 
the new question pool has two fewer than the 2016 question pool.
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