[AARA] For Sale: K2FF Excess Gear

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Following items are for sale with pick up in Ocean Springs MS.

Yaesu G-800DXA Rotor (new in box)            $250

Ameritron ATR-15 Legal Limit Tuner              $100

Cushcraft XM240 2-el 40m Beam                  $350

Tennadyne T-12 Log Periodic Ant                 $300

Hy-Gain LJ-153BA (15m monobander)          $50

Hy-Gain LJ-1-3BA (10m monobander)           $50

Yaesu SP-8 External Speaker                       $75

Yaesu YS-60 SWR/PWR Meter                     $50

TOTAL                $1,225

20% Discount To Take It All                        $1,000

Contact Glenn via e-mail K2FF at AOL dot COM if you want something.  
Also feel free to forward the list to anyone in your private circles.

/DX Spider/
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