[AARA] K5YG looking for a 40/50 foot Aluminum Crank-up Tower

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Sun Aug 16 07:28:58 CDT 2020

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Subject: [599dxa] K5YG looking for a 40/50 foot Aluminum Crank-up Tower

I am looking for a used or new 40/50ft Aluminum Crank-up tower.  Top 
section needs to be able to accept a

Yaesu G2800DXA Rotor, and hi-gain thrust bearing (I have the rotor and 
thrust bearing.

I also have one of the four 10 Element LFA 2M Beams. (need 3 more and 
phasing harness)

I am complaining building / install a 2M EME Array, using 4 InnovAntenna 
10 Elm LFA's with horizontal Elements

The expensive option is to use  18 Element Crossed polizeized elements 
on 30tf Booms.


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