[AARA] Vintage Equipment For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Mar 30 07:38:09 CDT 2020

Vintage Equipment For Sale

1.Kenwood TS-430s              Transceiver              $100

Powers on, no other info

2.Kenwood TM-201B           Mobile                       $25

Tx &b Rx

3.Kenwood TM-241A           Mobile                       $25

Parts only

4.B&K Oscilloscope               Mod. 1403               $50

Appears to be working

5.Johnson Tran. Tester                                             $40

Appears to be working

6.MFJ Dlx Tuner II                  Mod. 949c               $50

Appears to be working

7.Dentron Jr. Mon/Match                                       $50

Unk. If working properly

8.Astron Power Supply        RS-20A                      $40


9.Astron Power Supply        RS-12A                      $30


10.Heathkit Electronic Keyer                                    $50

Unk. Working order

11.“Mae West” CW Keyer     J-37                            $40

12.Big B SWR Meter                BFSSWR                    $20

w/metal box & access.

13.MFJ HF SWR Meter            MFJ-816                   $25

Appears to be working

14.Lot of 6 Lakeview “Ham sticks”                          $80

1 mod. 9115 (15 meters)

2 mod. 9120 (20 meters)

1 mod. 9140 (40 meters)

1 mod. 9175 (75 meters)

1 unk.

             (Only 3 metal top whips in lot)

Email or Text for pics. Items for pickup in Greenwell Springs

             Dwayne, KC5GGH

Rogersdwayne at gmail.com <mailto:Rogersdwayne at gmail.com>

               Cell # 318-880-1330

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