[AARA] DeRidder Native needs Elmer

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Nov 10 06:26:57 CST 2020

I received this e-mail on my reflector and hope someone could help this 
future ham by being a "Elmer" for him.
He is located in the DeRidder area.


Hello. My name is Ray Nations. I am just getting into ham radio and am 
looking for help. Studying for my test at the moment. Corey Bordelon 
gave me your email and said you might be able to find me someone local, 
DeRidder area, that would be willing to show me what is what with these 
things. I am taking the practice test several time a day and getting no 
where. I am a very hands on person when it comes to learning anything. 
Watching videos and reading is not my strong suit. I was just wondering 
if it is not to far out of the norm to find someone willing to let me 
sit at their radio a couple of time and explain what it is I am getting 
into. I bought an HT this week and have figured out some with it but 
still not getting far. So far I have managed to pass the practice test a 
whopping 1 time out of maybe 20 tries. Anyway let me know if you can 
help. Thanks.

Ray Nations
txbulldude at yahoo.com

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