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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Sep 4 07:43:55 CDT 2020

To All Hams,

The CERT team out of Denham Springs is mobilizing this weekend to help 
in Lake Charles. For anyone interested here is the information-

Some organization is about to start handing out generators in the area 
affected by the storms. The State Fire Marshall's office wants a to

do an education campaign so people don't kill themselves with generators 
due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

They have a group going out there tomorrow and another planned for 
Saturday to put up signs with tips on how to use generators all over

the area. They have CERT vests and a bunch of other stuff.

Anyone volunteering needs to watch this video on COVID 19 Volunteer 
safety training


We'll have a convoy going out to the far west side of Calcasieu parish 
and will start heading east putting out signs. They have 300 signs to 
put out.

Meet point for us will be the Arby's/Pilot station at the Lobdell Exit 
on I-10 at 08:00 on Saturday 9/5. They'll hand out vests, signs and other

stuff and we'll head out. The plan is to stop in Lafayette to tank up 
since not all gas stations will be available further west.

Volunteers need to bring water, sunscreen, lunch and whatever else they 
might need to be self sufficient for the whole day. While out there putting

up signs, if we see people using generators, we are encouraged to tell 
them the basic stuff thats on the sign.

You think you can send this info out to Ascension club members?

-David LeBlanc

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