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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Jul 31 09:55:57 CDT 2021

The August issue of the /*LARC*/ newsletter is now on line for viewing 
or printing
in PDF format at:


Over the years, our club has been fortunate to have the ability to come 
together on a monthly basis at various locations.
Changes in the Lafayette government structure really hit our club hard 
from a venue standpoint whereas the Lafayette
Science Museum closed its doors leaving us without a meeting location.  
For the next several months we were hosting
monthly meetings via radio due to Covid 19 restrictions.  Once 
restrictions were lifted, we were blessed again with a
meeting location at the SEOT Training building.  Last month, we were 
notified that the SEOT location had been on the
market and had been sold.

Some may think that we are steadily going homeless, but it is quite the 
contrary.  After some searching around, we were
able to secure a meeting location for the August meeting at 
the*/Candyland Cottage/* in Scott, LA.  It is located near the
roundabout in Scott and the address is: 109 Benoit Patin Rd.   
(https://candylandcottage.com/ <https://candylandcottage.com/>). See map 

They offer a great meeting location but unfortunately there is no 
secondary room to conduct testing.  The meeting will
begin at 7pm so we will be arriving around 6:30. While there, we will 
have some conversation with the owner to see if
there are other rooms available.   Normally, this room is rented at 
$50.00 per hour, but since we mange to have 20+ people
in attendance, they have waived the fee and  are looking forward to our 
patronage.  So, if you have a few dollars to spare,
please be sure to grab a cup of ice cream, a soft drink, or some candy 
to snack on.

For this month’s meeting we will be discussing a potential secondary 
venue that has recently become available thanks to
Mr. Danny Daigle.

We hope to see you there.
Chris Ancelet

*                    AARA AUGUST  2021 GENERAL MEETING*
Thursday of August 5th, 2021 AARA General Meeting will be held at the
*Candyland Cottage & Ice Cream Shop
* https://candylandcottage.com/ <https://candylandcottage.com/>
109 Benoit Patin Rd.
Scott, LA 70583
Time:  7:00 PM
VE Testing at 6:00 PM


*International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend - Southwest Reef Lighthouse 
Special Event
Berwick, Louisiana
The/*BEARS*/ (Bayou Emergency Amateur Radio Service) of Morgan City will 
be operating using the call /*W5BMC*/
on at 0001 UTC August 21 (actually Friday 7:00 PM Central Daylight Time) 
and work till the end 2400 UTC
August 22 from the /Southwest Reef Lighthouse/ (US0176) operating on 40 
& 20 meters 7.265 MHz and
14.265 MHz +/- QRM SSB.  EchoLink on W5BMC-R Node# 507010

As you know, we send /*EVERYONE */we contact to a QSL card, with a 
brochure from the St. Mary Tourist Association,
and at least one informational piece on Berwick on the Southwest Reef 
Lighthouse.  I think you will find
we are the /*ONLY*/ special event station that automatically sends you a 
card and does not ask for a SASE or
any stamps, etc.  This makes us unique.
*QSL via:*
Jackie Price KA5LMZ
708 Front St.
Morgan City, LA 70380

Jackie KA5LMZ

http://shreveporthamfest.k5sar.com/ <http://shreveporthamfest.k5sar.com/>
*Louisiana Traffic Net Meet & Greet *(meets daily on 3910 KHz)
      Our Louisiana Traffic Net Meet & Greet has been confirmed for 
*Saturday, October 23, 2021 at Pavilion Number 1*, at Chicot State Park
-just outside of Ville Platte, La. Directions will be forth coming from 
North and South on I 49.
      Tentatively, we will plan to meet at 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. under 
the Pavilion #1. The Pavilion is right next to the kids Water Park...which
*will be closed* at this time of the year. There are nice restrooms 
available within a short walk from the Pavilion. I do have a 24" fan to
bring along with an extension cord. Feel free to do the same, even it 
its a box fan.
      At this time, Entrance fees are separate from the Pavilion, which 
means some may have to pay a $3 fee. I believe that over the age of
62.....and Disabled Veterans with proper identification are free. I will 
nail that down to a confirm next week.
      Bring an HT or your vehicle 2 meter to have a talk in if need be. 
But, I am not familiar with the area repeaters.
*     Jim will set up what we will need to bring. A grill or BBQ pit to 
cook on, along with charcoal will be needed. *Tina and I* will provide
two ice chests of ice for cold drinks to put in, along with an ice chest 
of clean ice to use for your soft drinks. Tina and I will also bring
Solo cups, napkins ( paper towels ) and utensils for everyone. to use.
      There are a couple picnic tables there, but plan to bring your 
chair with a back that will help make your stay for the day comfortable.
I just don't know what the weather will be...but hoping for Fall weather.
This information may change as time gets closer.

Michael E Galler WD5JTZ
mgaller30 at gmail.com

  https://gofund.me/20e65b33 <https://gofund.me/20e65b33>

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