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The AARA Newsletter ""LARC" for June 2021 can be found with back issues 
in .PDF format at:
http://www.w5ddl.org/newsletter.htm <http://www.w5ddl.org/newsletter.htm>


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*                                           Monday May 31, 2021*

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*W5KID Reopens*
With Covid restriction eased BRARC is finally able to get back and 
operate W5KID aboard the USS Kidd (DD661). BRARC will
operate Memorial Day (May 31) and June 5-6 for Museum Ships on the Air 
*The following COVID-19 conditions must be observed:*
     1. All visitors, including our radio operators / club members, must 
sign in and sign out at the museum’s main building entrance.
     2. No more than 3 radio operators / club members are allowed in the 
compartment at one time.
     3. No visitors are allowed in the compartment.
     4. Face masks must be worn inside the museum or when encountering 
visitors aboard the ship.
We also recommend that radio operators / members wear their BRARC badges 
or apparel to help identify them to museum staff
and visitors as representatives of our club and the amateur radio community.
     May 31 Memorial Day
     June 5 & 6 Museum Ships Weekend
     July 4 Independence Day
     Nov 11 Veterans Day
     Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
*Operating Frequencies and Times:*
         Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm CT (1600 – 2130 UTC)
         Sat & Sun: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm CT (1600 – 2130 UTC)
         Check for spots on dxsummit.fi
         SSB: around 14.240, 7.240 MHz
         CW: around 14.060, 7.060 MHz
Regular open hours for the Museum are 9:30 to 3:30 daily. Times and 
dates may vary, and will be included in the RF News.
Sign-up sheets will be available before the monthly club meetings.


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