[AARA] Stolen: YAESU FT-757GX & Power Supply

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Sep 11 06:21:05 CDT 2021

Adam Melancon KD5QZG asked that I please get the word out that a friend 
of his had some very sentimental equipment stolen. Anyone with 
information can contact Adam via his info on QRZ.


“I had a YAESU FT-757GX base station and power supply taken out of my 
shed, probably within the last month or so. The radio was lent to me by 
a coworker who got it from his dad when he passed away. So if there is 
any group you are in that could pass this around and keep an eye out I 
would appreciate it. I know it's a long shot.”

If you could please blast this out everywhere you can, he'd appreciate 
it.  Thanks!!

Brandon J. Stelly (KG5LQM)
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