[AARA] W5EXI 147.040 Repeater Changes

Charles Morrison cmorrison at lusfiber.net
Tue Jun 7 21:40:55 CDT 2011

A single channel, low sampling rate, mono channel will take less than 64k.
Barely noticeable.. period.

If we do decide to move Echolink out there, I'm prepared to replace the
computer (currently running 11 year old Windows 2000) with a much newer
model and a fully patched and reinstalled XP.

Let me know when you guys are ready to pull the trigger.


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All AARA Club Members:

Glen and I will head out to Duson to check on the W5EXI  (04) repeater.
Our main goal is to change out the information as to who to contact for
information. Currently Danny K5ARH is listed as trustee, I think 
(Charlie Morrison KI5XP is the current trustee)
and Dick Melcher"s WA6MDI name is listed as another. So we will change 
this out.

I called Karl Fontenot, (KRVS chief engineer) to get permission and 
inform him of what we were going to do.

I had a long talk with Karl and here is the gist:

He said that there is a new building there and they are about 2 weeks 
from moving all equipment out of the old building.

We will need to extend the feed line for our repeater by about 50 feet. 
I will find out what type of coax is there now.

He said they have a new set of racks in the new building and one just 
for our equipment. Very nice. I thanked him for that.

(I think we owe him a lunch or some other kind gesture. He is a very 
nice man and a pleasure to talk to.)

KRVS will replace their current transmitter at the primary site (which 
is analog only) and replace it with a new digital/analog transmitter.

The old transmitter will go into the new building at the Duson site. In 
addition, they will but a second Digital transmitter into the new 
building at Duson.

The new building will be air conditioned and there will also be an 
emergency generator as a backup power source.
Currently there is none.

The site will also be made far more secure than it has been in the past.

Karl also has plans to run fiber from the Cox fiber connection at the 
intersection of Lacassine and Gazette up to the site.
(He has another option if Cox doesn't pan out. I'm hoping for Cox....)

He needs quite a bit of bandwidth so when I asked him about the 
possibility of running Echolink he wanted to know how much bandwidth was 

I told him, "not much." If anyone knows just how much is required, 
please let me know or let Karl know.
Assume in your calculation that the repeater will get a lot more traffic 
than it currently does.

Anyway, when Glen and I get out there tomorrow morning, well take some 
Show them at Wed. lunch bunch..... See you then.



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