[AARA] W5EXI 147.040 Repeater Changes

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           Let me know what kind of coax you need to extend the feed line, I have 7/8" and 1- 5/8" at work in Carencro


---- Charles Morrison <cmorrison at lusfiber.net> wrote: 
> A single channel, low sampling rate, mono channel will take less than 64k.
> Barely noticeable.. period.
> If we do decide to move Echolink out there, I'm prepared to replace the
> computer (currently running 11 year old Windows 2000) with a much newer
> model and a fully patched and reinstalled XP.
> Let me know when you guys are ready to pull the trigger.
> Charlie
> Ki5xp
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> Subject: W5EXI 147.040 Repeater Changes
> All AARA Club Members:
> Glen and I will head out to Duson to check on the W5EXI  (04) repeater.
> Our main goal is to change out the information as to who to contact for
> information. Currently Danny K5ARH is listed as trustee, I think 
> (Charlie Morrison KI5XP is the current trustee)
> and Dick Melcher"s WA6MDI name is listed as another. So we will change 
> this out.
> I called Karl Fontenot, (KRVS chief engineer) to get permission and 
> inform him of what we were going to do.
> I had a long talk with Karl and here is the gist:
> He said that there is a new building there and they are about 2 weeks 
> from moving all equipment out of the old building.
> We will need to extend the feed line for our repeater by about 50 feet. 
> I will find out what type of coax is there now.
> He said they have a new set of racks in the new building and one just 
> for our equipment. Very nice. I thanked him for that.
> (I think we owe him a lunch or some other kind gesture. He is a very 
> nice man and a pleasure to talk to.)
> KRVS will replace their current transmitter at the primary site (which 
> is analog only) and replace it with a new digital/analog transmitter.
> The old transmitter will go into the new building at the Duson site. In 
> addition, they will but a second Digital transmitter into the new 
> building at Duson.
> The new building will be air conditioned and there will also be an 
> emergency generator as a backup power source.
> Currently there is none.
> The site will also be made far more secure than it has been in the past.
> Karl also has plans to run fiber from the Cox fiber connection at the 
> intersection of Lacassine and Gazette up to the site.
> (He has another option if Cox doesn't pan out. I'm hoping for Cox....)
> He needs quite a bit of bandwidth so when I asked him about the 
> possibility of running Echolink he wanted to know how much bandwidth was 
> needed.
> I told him, "not much." If anyone knows just how much is required, 
> please let me know or let Karl know.
> Assume in your calculation that the repeater will get a lot more traffic 
> than it currently does.
> Anyway, when Glen and I get out there tomorrow morning, well take some 
> pictures...
> Show them at Wed. lunch bunch..... See you then.
> 73
> John
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