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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Oct 18 20:41:18 CDT 2012

William C Gailey, WS4F

James A Cummings, KT4MM
jjmmc at juno.com <mailto:jjmmc at juno.com>
322 Windsor Falls Dr
Canton, GA 30114

    This message from KT4MM, Jim.  Below is a listing of equipment from
    three Silent Key estates.  Our intention is to sell locallin in the
    Atlanta area.  Antennas and towers are located in the Atlanta area
    and are located at the estate property. Equipment items are with either
    Bill WS4F or myself KT4MM.  Please feel free to forward to other
    clubs and groups.  Your assistance in considering the equipment is

    The PDF attached to Jim's message didn't cut and paste very well. 
    You can contact Jim at jjmmc at juno.com for a copy of the PDF that may
    more sense than the pasted copy below.

    Description****Comments****                    Asking Price**
    YaesuFT-990HF Radio, one owner, HRO receipt from 1997.Tested on air,
    QSOs made on several band/modes. Clean.750.00
    Icom706 MKII G10-160 HF, 2m, 440 MHzTested on air.   Good condx.700.00
    KenwoodTMV7A2m / 440 MHz Mobile300.00
    KenwoodTM241A2 Meter Mobile 50 watt max xcvr w-micVerified on air w-
    good reports.100.00
    KenwoodTM241A2 Meter Mobile 50 watt max xcvr w-micVerified on air w-
    good reports.100.00
    KenwoodTM261A2 Meter Mobile 50 watt max xcvr w-micVerified on air w-
    good reports.115.00
    TunerMFJ-949EAntenna Tuner, 1.8 to 30 MHzgood condx100.00
    AlincoDJ180THandheld 2 Meter xcvr, 5 watts max, includes EDC-49 AC
    charger Uses an EBP-28N 700 mAh battery pack.Radio receives fine,
    but battery too low for Transmit; need 12V NiCd pack. Batteries
    America - several options 23.00 to
    AstronRS-12A120V AC to 12V DC Power Supply12V, 12Amp Heavy Duty
    Linear Power Supply.55.00
    SwanWM6200Swan VHF Wattmeter / SWR Meter 20 / 200 watt ranges, 50 -
    150 MHzMeter movement sticks above "zero" after positive deflection30.00
    SwanWM20002000 Watt Power Out / SWR Meter, 2000 / 200/ 20 watt
    ranges, 3.5 - 30 MHzVy clean condx35.00
    BencherPaddle Key, with Plug, ready for use.Vy clean condx, and
    classic performing paddle.60.00
    Barker & WilliamsonModel 593Coax Switch, 3:1 SO-239 femalesVy clean
    Heath KeyerHD-1410Iambic Keyer with T/R Plug to radioTested, works
    well. True antique.35.00
    YaesuSpkr Cabinet4 ohm spkr; deep cabinet to hold P.S.Speaker only
    inside chassis now20.00
    CDHam-III - CD-44Sold as pair Rotor and Controller (associated rotor
    - top of tower)Rotor on tower at present time.225.00
    *Tower items:*
    Rohn 25approx 36 to 40 feet w-mast top sectionGood condx - needs
    Tower Under-eve House BracketVery heavy duty house bracket, likely
    handmadeLag Bolted to Eve, appears to look like effective bracket25.00
    Mosley YagiTA33 Senior, 20, 15, 10. Condx undefined until takedown,
    was working.On tower at present time.150.00
    Newtronics Hustler5-BTVHF Vertical Antenna One radial top hat tube
    broken; easily replaced. Works 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 mtrsAvailable
    Newtronics HustlerHT-144Trunk Lip mount 2 meter 5/8 WaveAvailable
    CushcraftARX-2BRingo Ranger II, 2 meter ground planeOn tower at
    present time. 45.00
    Hy Gain Vertical18HT75, 40, 20, 15, 11, 10 m. Also Loading coil for
    80, 160.Fair Condition, on ground now.200.00
    Mosley YagiTA-33MTri-band 3 el Yagi w- 12/17 m elementFair
    Condition, on ground now.150.00
    Mosley add on40 m kitYagi Add-on Kit for 40 metersIn box100.00
    EZ Way Tower60 Ft Crankup Tilt-over Tower, with Wonder PostCustomer
    take down100.00
    AST Compac PCAST466Desktop PC, Monitor, Printer. AST DX466 Win 95,
    PC Works but very slow.  Monitor good color. Printer is Model
    IJ300.Keyboard & Mouse
                         Package deal, offers considered

    *For Questions & Offers Contact:*
    WS4F.bill at gmail.com and KT4MM at arrl.net
    Silent Key Sale, Oct 2012

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