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The July 2013 issue of the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. 
(AARA) is now on line to be viewed and/or
printed in color at:


/_The AARA General Meeting will be held on Thursday July 11, 2013 at 
7:00 PM _/at the Red Cross Building, 101 N.
Pat Street, Scott, LA.  VE Testing will take place at 6:00 PM.  It was 
agreed at our June meeting to move the
meeting date due to the first Thursday of July is the 4th of July a holiday.

I have put together a report on our Field Day 2013 which includes: ARRL 
Field Day Bulletin, Sign-in Log,
Governor's Proclamation, pictures of event, radiograms, press release, 
club handout and some other stuff.


*        13 Colonies Special Event*

This week will be the 13 Colonies Special Event beginning at 0900 
Eastern time and run all week.  Check them out
and see how many you can work.  It is a lot of fun


*All HF bands will be in play except the WARC bands and 60 meters. 2 
meters and 6 meter simplex are encouraged.*
*     The SE stations are on the east coast and, are very close to each 
other. It will be harder for these states to contact each other so, use 
of 40m-160m is encouraged.*
*All modes of operation should be represented - SSB, CW, RTTY, Digital, 
Etc. - The mode of operation is up to the individual colony state 
station. Please refer to the State information pages for details.*
Have a happy and safe 4th of July.*

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