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*Information on the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend******
**Berwick, Louisiana*

The event will take place October 16 and 17, 2014

This is a worldwide ham radio event sponsored the International 
Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend, www.ILLW <http://www.illw/>.At last 
check, there are 468 lighthouses and lightships world wide entered in 
this event.

The event organizer is Kevin Mulcahy, VK2CE from Australia.He has been 
very helpful to us and helped us obtain a registration number for our 
light, which is US0176,this is a way to publicize your light but to also 
encourage preservation of the various structures world wide.

The ham radio portion of this very busy event in Lighthouse Park is open 
to the public the entire time of operation.The operation will begin 
Saturday at 10am and continue until 8pm, then Sunday begin again at 10am 
and end at 5pm.

The *Bayouland Emergency Amateur Radio Service *(BEARS) is dedicating 
their first radio broadcast from the lighthouse to a deceased member, 
Ray Rasberry, WB5LKR.Ray was an active member of BEARS and was 
instrumental in helping establish the groundwork of the present radio 
room.However, in addition, Ray was also a Berwick Town councilman and 
the Berwick Fire chief.

There are other activities leading up to the event and during the 
event.The Berwick Library has established a display of ham radio items 
of interest to patrons and this will be on display for the month of 
August.Also, there will be burgers, fries, cold drinks, snow balls, a 
coloring contest, a display of items relative to ham radio and emergency 

One item open both days will be Frank's famous burger, onions and 
fries.This is sponsored by BEARS and any profits from the sale of food 
will go toward neededequipment.There is even a possibility that members 
of the Berwick Town Council or other public officials will be taking 
part by serving burgers to the public.Just a way to show support for the 
entire event.

The *Berwick Crafters* (please find the correct name) will be holding an 
extra craft show for Saturday, providing attendees the option of finding 
just that special little item, and maybe even buying fresh home grown 
vegetables from one of the vendors.

A tent provided by Sheriff Mark Hebert will be set up which will house 
various pamphlets for the public; from how to become a ham operator, to 
how to contact a ham when you evacuate to world wide activities by our 
members.One of the displays will be "Making Friends Worldwide through 
Ham Radio."Pictures and items from Pitcairn Island and made by Meralda 
Warren, VP6MW, and her mother Mavis will be on display.Additionally, 
pictures of P. K. Chin, 9M2CW, from Ipoh, Malaysia and his family as 
well as their famous white coffee will be out for you to see.We re 
hopeful that 9M2CW will be able to call us from Malaysia.

Women in ham radio world wide?Yes, indeed.Karen Marshall, KE5RPI, one of 
our members,will have on display an album she has assembled after 
attending a world wide convention of women ham operators held in 
Australia.This is the YL Organization.So, any ladies or girls interested 
in knowing what they can do will be able to talk to Karen.

The Berwick Library has established a display for the month of August 
showing a radio and other information that will be of interest to their 

Elementary school children will each be given a coloring sheet to color 
and enter in a coloring contest if they wish.True to form, the sheet is 
a BEAR with a ham radio standing by the Southwest Reef Lighthouse, very 
apropos.The children will bring their finished coloring sheet to the 
lighthouse Saturday, all will be put on display and judging will take 
place Sunday.Each first place winner in their age category will be given 
a frame to put their winning piece in.(DO YOU WANT US TO FAX YOU A COPY 

The Berwick Fire Department will be manning a booth with cold drinks and 
bottles of water for sale and proceeds go to the department.

*Simply Cajun Sno Cones* will be serving great cooling snowballs to 
anyone wishing to cool off.

The BEARS would like to thank the Town of Berwick and the Cajun Coat 
Visitor Center for supporting the first of many International Lighthouse 
events from the Southwest Reef Light at Lighthouse Park.

(We had sent a flyer with the lighthouse and all the events over to your 
office.I don't know if you saw it or would you like us to send another 
one.Also, please check with Jacki Ackel to see if there are other groups 
who have decided to set up that I am not aware of.THANK YOU VERY MUCH 

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