[AARA] A Call for Volunteer(s) - Radio Merit Badge Counselor

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Nov 11 06:48:13 CST 2014

Marvin & Herman, please assist me with the QST regarding a request from 
the Istrouma Area Council, David Harris, for amateur radio operators to 
serve as merit badge counselor(s) for our summer camp program.  The 
program is held at Avondale Scout Reservation, 3 miles east of Clinton, 
LA. David has asked that if an individual is interested to please 
contact him.  I have copied his email address on this email.

I would love to volunteer, but, presently, I am still working full 
time.  I am hopeful that if a retired amateur radio operator is 
available that they will volunteer to promote the "ham" radio to our 
young people.  Thank you for your assistance with this QST.


  Michael J. Nolan, KD5MLD

Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club

1045 Briarhurst Drive

Baton Rouge, LA 70810

  ph: 225-229-1624

  fax: 225-448-5624

kd5mld at arrl.net <mailto:kd5mld at arrl.net>

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