[AARA] KN5GRK Email Problems

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Nov 12 17:30:23 CST 2014

Okay Guys and Gals:
Sorry about the previous emails I've sent, I've been having trouble my 
email and the previous emails I sent were test emails while I was 
working with my Internet provider.  Seems like I could only send about 
85 to 100 names in one session.  I spoke to my Internet provider and 
they have set my settings to be able to send 500 which is a little over 
what I normally send so this is good.  If everything works right I 
should be back to normal ( whatever normal is, ha ha).

The previous emails I sent did not have a subject are text in the 
message body.  Please disregard them.  I forgot to Bcc ( Blind Carbon 
Copy) the first one, sorry about that.


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