[AARA] For Sale Ameritron AL 1500

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Aug 6 08:31:53 CDT 2016

       for sale used ameritron  hf amp model  al 1500 used  very good 
shape    has dahl ac power transformer real eimac 8877 tube that meets 
factory spec  has ameriton  electronic bias ckt board and h v  pwr 
supply  protection resistor yes it works 10 meters with new ameritron 
high power manual antenna tuner model atr-30 also new ameritron  high 
power fan cooled rf dummy load model adl-2500    local pickup only  
$3000.oo        for sale used heath kit hf amp model sb-200  very good 
shape    has six new  h v power supply filter caps  also brand new 
matched set premo  r f part 572b tubes  with a spare set of taylor 572b 
tubes has two new 16 amp surge inrush on pri of ac power  transformer 
and two new grid bipass caps 200pf at 500wvdc with heath book  local 
pickup only $600.00
wd5hle at cox <mailto:wd5hle at cox> .net

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5.  Proof read your e-mail, make sure spelling is correct, I will not 
make any corrections to your text.  I don't have time to do so.
      I will send what I get.
6.  I will not respond to inquiries I get regarding the merchandise I 
send out by my reflector.

I have maintained this reflector for quite a few years now and would 
like to continue.  I don't get paid for this service and expect to,
however if you want to make a donation to a Church or Charity of your 
choice, do so.  I get quite a few "THANK YOU 's" and that is
all I ask.  If you would like to be removed from the reflector list, 
please send a "Remove Me" e-mail to:
kn5grk at lusfiber.net

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