[AARA] Old Scanners, Radios & Crystals Needed

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed May 18 14:58:08 CDT 2016

Herman can you please send this out to everyone thanks.
Old Scanners, Radios & Crystals Needed For Class Room.

Joe, please pass this around.
I have two crystal rigs in my classroom that I can  lend out overnight  
or let kids listen to when they finish a test.
One is an old Wilson and another is an old radio shack crystal scanner.
  I would like to have more to use next school year for my class.
I am looking for old crystal rigs. I am also looking for  scanner or ham 
frequency crystals to put in them.
Even a broken crystal rig or crystal scanner will do. I can usually fix 
Why older crystal rigs? The kids can be pretty rough on them and they 
still work or I can easily fix them.

Please contact me at 504-288-7084 or at Joen5ozg at cox.net 
<mailto:Joen5ozg at cox.net>

Alvin Mahler, N5VZH
73 Joe N5OZG
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