[AARA] Ham Items For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Jun 25 16:36:59 CDT 2017

I have the following items for sale, make a reasonable offer.  For more 
info contact me:

Richard Hendrix  K5KRG
captain3918 at hotmail.com

(1) SEA 222 Marine Transceiver

(2) Heathkit DX-100 Transmitter

(3) Heathkit Capacitance/Resistor Checker

(4)  Heathkit Oscilloscope

(5)  RME Model 4300 Receiver

(6)  D104 Microphone

(7) Unidyne A83B Uni-directional Microphone

(8) Speedx Morse Code Key

(9) Turner +2 Microphone

(10)  Ice chest full of various tubes
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