[AARA] Surplus stuff for sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Jun 28 13:46:42 CDT 2017

TCS Transmitter. Including home brew power supply using several TCS 
Was working well last used. About 10 years ago.

Some SCR27N receivers in various modified conditions.
Two 1.5-3.5 versions.

One Navy RAL-7 with power supply and was working OK about 7 years ago. 
Also spare NIB new tubes available.  6D6G  and audio tubes for 
receiver.  I was extremely impressed with it's performance for it's age. 
Wish I had bought a crated one in the early 50s then selling for less 
than 50 bucks with supply!

Large numbers of NIB & used ones checked with big Hickok tube tester.  
What do need?

Sandy W5TVW
225 294 0718    or 985 507 9581
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