[AARA] Amateur Radio Equipment For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Nov 12 19:51:56 CST 2017

100 feet of 25g tower with guy wires, Ham-IV hy-gain HF Rotator now 
standing at Natalbany - $500.00
k5azu at yahoo.com 985 222 5730

KLM KT34XA Antenna with heavy duty boom and 5 kilowatt balun. All new, 
never put up. $750.00 and pick up in Natalbany, 3 miles north of Hammond.

30 foot dish with 1 inch sq aluminum trusses covering expanded aluminum 
with two dc drive motors and gear boxes
24 and 48 volt power supply for moving the dish and encoders with 
computer for tracking the moon all for $5000.
Ray May 985 222 5730 or k5azu at yahoo.com

Ray / K5AZU / 985-222-5730

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