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I too have been following this ARRL situation. I find the letter from PVRC.org to be the correct attitude. I would suggest that the LCC and the AARA write a letter to the ARRL Executives and Directors stating our opinion too, before their next board meeting. By God we are a membership organization, not a corporation. What is wrong with our sitting Directors. And, No the Executive officers should not vote, we have directors for voting.


Roland NA5Q


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Forwarding info on the ARRL "problem"


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Hello all:


This is off topic, but many seem concerned enough, that I wanted to share a few links that point to some very important activities at ARRL, especially with regard to an upcoming board meeting in January that could change the way that members are represented in the ARRL.


If you haven't followed it, here are some informative links.


Many members, as well as clubs, are writing to the directors, officers, and vice directors of ARRL, to ask them to keep the ARRL as a membership- based organization with transparency.


Useful links:


https://www.hamradionow.tv/episodes/2017/12/30/hrn-377-bs11-arrl-cq-happy-new-year?download=true <https://www.hamradi%0A%20onow.tv/episodes/2017/12/30/hrn-377-bs11-arrl-cq-happy-new-year?download=true> (view after 10:50)




https://www.change.org/p/american-radio-relay-league-improve-arrl-transparency-and-respect-for-present-and -future-membership <https://www.change.org/p/american-radio-relay-league-improve-arrl-transparency-and-respect-for-present-and-future-membership>  (consider signing the petition and spread the word)




And a recent letter from a club with 1000 members:



73, and thanks for the bandwidth.....and now we return to your regularly scheduled p rogramming.


Ted N9NB 





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