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On the ARRL problem - From the CW Ops list.  Quoted only.  Art K5FNQ


    Update on ARRL de N3JT

        Sun Jan 21, 2018 6:15 am (PST) . Posted by:

      "Jim Talens" jmt0001
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Summary of ARRL meeting (source confidential):

Kosovo has been listed as DXCC country - immediately and retroactive. If 
you have worked Kosovo, in the past, it will count as new country 
(maybe). Barry Shelley, (former CFO) the new interim CEO, will draft the 
rules and the issue of how far back the retroactive Contacts will be 

A Search committee has been formed to find a new CEO. Shelly is on it 
and David Woolweaver, West Gulf Director, has also been appointed to 
that Committee.

Hope you are sitting down for this:

All Norris motions have been stopped and withdrawn. Handwriting was on 
the wall that they would have been defeated. So no By-Laws and Articles 
of Incorporation changes will take place.

All Lisenco motions have been withdrawn by Lisenco himself. None of his 
nonsense will go forward.

There is always the possibility that those motions or like ones could be 
brought up again, but, with the present climate, probably not.

If you haven't fallen on the floor yet, read on with this:

Part of Code of Conduct dealing with Director speaking to his 
constituents has been repealed! Part dealing with Director talking about 
votes - his or other Directors, has been repealed.

Remainder of Code of Conduct is subject to review and complete re-write 
in July.

Censure of Dick Norton - Motion to repeal put off, because those for it 
felt it was not the right time. But censure will be addressed and 
reviewed sometime this year. Mr. Norton indicated that "he really 
doesn't care, because he is now a Folk Hero!". My source thinks that 
there is no passion among the remaining Cabal members anymore to do 
anything to cause any more pressure to come down on them. They 
apparently want to do everything they can to make this all go away. (We 
know it won't go away).

Tom Frenaye, K1KI, New England Division Director, has been elected to 
the Executive Committee. This is a good thing because Mr. Frenaye is 
known as a straight shooter and not one of the Cabal."

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> Forwarding info on the ARRL "problem"
> Art K5FNQ
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> Hello all:
> This is off topic, but many seem concerned enough, that I wanted to 
> share a few links that point to some very important activities at 
> ARRL, especially with regard to an upcoming board meeting in January 
> that could change the way that members are represented in the ARRL.
> If you haven't followed it, here are some informative links.
> Many members, as well as clubs, are writing to the directors, 
> officers, and vice directors of ARRL, to ask them to keep the ARRL as 
> a membership- based organization with transparency.
> Useful links:
> https://www.hamradionow.tv/episodes/2017/12/30/hrn-377-bs11-arrl-cq-happy-new-year?download=true 
> <https://www.hamradi%0A%20onow.tv/episodes/2017/12/30/hrn-377-bs11-arrl-cq-happy-new-year?download=true>(view 
> after 10:50)
> https://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/major-change-to-arrl-by-laws-proposed.593056/
> https://www.change.org/p/american-radio-relay-league-improve-arrl-transparency-and-respect-for-present-and 
> -future-membership 
> <https://www.change.org/p/american-radio-relay-league-improve-arrl-transparency-and-respect-for-present-and-future-membership> (consider 
> signing the petition and spread the word)
> http://www.kb6nu.com/im-not-one-unhappy-recent-arrl-board-moves/
> And a recent letter from a club with 1000 members:
> http://pvrc.org/PVRCarrl01012018ver9a.pdf
> 73, and thanks for the bandwidth.....and now we return to your 
> regularly scheduled p rogramming.
> Ted N9NB
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