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Looking forward to it!
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On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 7:52 PM Herman Campbell <kn5grk at lusfiber.net> wrote:

> This year, the AARA will be hosting Field Day at the farm of Steve AF5VR
> and Mel Webre.  We are looking forward to this event
> and we hope that you are able to spend some time with us.  Handicap
> parking is available and bathroom amenities are on
> premises.  We will begin setting stations up Saturday morning at 0800,
> with Field Day officially starting at 1300 and running
> until 1300 on Sunday.
> *2019 Field Day Rules (PDF format) *
> <http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Field-Day/2019/2019-Field-Day-Packet-Complete.pdf>
> *LOCATION:*  1529 Beaugh St., Church Point, LA ( Google Maps Directions )
> Directions from I-10 (Rayne/Church Point exit)
> Take LA 35 north into Church Point.
> <http://www.w5ddl.org/clubsite/events/FD2019/map_1.tif>
> Turn left onto S. Main St. (Sonic Drive-In on corner)
> Turn right onto E. Plaquemine St. (Daigle Hardware on corner)
> Travel approximately 1/3 mile and turn left onto N. Beaugh St. (local bar
> on corner)
> Travel 1 mile and AF5VR’s driveway will be on the left.
> ** Please use caution when entering as folks will be setting up their
> stations. **
> ** Please remain on gravel drive unless directed otherwise. **
> ** No antennas, guy wires or other items located on airfield runway. **
>                                       *Right click on map for larger
> view.*
> Camper spots will be available.  However, power, water, and sewer will not
> be available so please plan accordingly.
> Please RSVP Steve Webre AF5VR swebre at hotmail.com or Danny Daigle KD5JSM
> kd5jsm at yahoo.com if you plan on bringing a camper.
> We will have AMOS II with the antenna trailer and many other antenna
> configurations available for use.  In the event
> that you plan on bringing your own personal set up, please remember to
> bring all of your necessary gear (portable table,
> battery power, radio, mic, coax, antenna, headset etc.)
> In an effort to avoid any transmission interference, we will have band
> assignments for the different bands recognized by
> ARRL Field Day.  Please help by adhering to band allocations that will be
> posted.  In the event that you want to operate
> on a “band in use” accommodations can be made to get you into an area that
> avoids interference.
> ** Please see Tom Dischler W5OHJ or Danny Daigle KD5JSM for assistance **
> *MENU: *
> The AARA will be providing food and drinks.  However, if you have any
> special dietary requirements or personal preferences
> please bring those items with you as it is impossible to accommodate
> everyone’s requests.
>     Saturday Breakfast    Donuts
>     Saturday Lunch         Order Out
>     Saturday Dinner        Order Out
>     Sunday Breakfast      Donuts
>     Sunday Lunch           TBD
> *MISCELLANEOUS:*  (Bring Your Own)
>     Headset / Earbuds
>     Bug spray
>     Extra clothing
>     Rain gear
>     Comfortable shoes
>     Chairs and more chairs
>     Pop-up canopy (if you plan on operating outside)
>     Drink/snacks
>     Personal hygiene items
> Danny Daigle KD5JSM
> Field Day Chairman
> kd5jsm at yahoo.com
> Updated: June 10, 2019
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