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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu Feb 3 21:09:48 EST 2011

*Alan WA5LQZ SK*

Alan WA5LQZ became SK about noon today.  Funeral arrangements are 
pending.  I will let you know as soon as our friends in Lake Charles 
pass on the information.

Gary K5GLS
ARRL Louisiana Section Manager


*/Hello Fellow Ham Friends,/*
*/It was with great sorrow just now as I learned that my dear friend, 
Alan Levine WA5LQZ has become a "Silent Key".  I have know Alan for lots 
of years and he was always ready and willing to give assistance and to 
offer good sound advise as various issues would pop up.  We have lost a 
great man that will certainly be missed by the entire ham community.  
Likewise, he will be missed by his family and all his loved ones in the 
community where he lived./*
*/Jim (N5NVP)/*
*/Cell # 337-344-1725
Alan Levine WA5LQZ SK

Some of our AARA members probably remember Alan, he attended some of our 
club meetings and lectured about ARES and Digital Communications he was 
an EXPERT when it came to these fields.  He was a devoted amateur 
operator and a few years ago he received the "Ham of the Year Award" for 
the ARRL Louisiana Section.  When a disaster arose, he was always there 
to help out even when his health was failing.  We will miss him 
greatly.  Our prayers go out to Alan and his Family.

I will send out e-mails on funeral arrangements as soon as I get them.



*Balloon Launch Attempt*

Hi All

Although it will be on the cool side Saturday the CAPE team will launch 
it high  altitude balloon at approximately 8 am in Lake Charles with 
landing around White Castle at approximately 10:30. You can view the 
progress by going to http://www.wulfden.org/APRSQuery.shtml in the call 
sign box type *ke5vym-11. * Please come visit us on Saturday in the Lab 
room 144 in Madison Hall at UL of L.  We have posted a few new pictures 
on the web http://ulcape.org/

Jin and Joe please turn on the Echolink and I gate and come join us find 
the balloon. The  APRS beacon will be 144.39 MHZ with the hi speed link 
on 435.000 Mhz

During the launch feel free to call me on by cell see number below.

Office   337 593 8700
Cell      337 258 2527

*Helping UL become a world Class Engineering  and Educational School


**Indiana Department of Homeland Security requests that 3.920 MHz be 
kept clear. The IDHS RACES net is active for the winter storm and 
providing emergency communication.


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