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March 17, 2011 @ 0859

I just talked with Jim Coleman AI5B, our Louisiana Section Emergency
Coordinator, earlier today (Wednesday) and want to bring you up to date
on his progress.  As many of you know Jim underwent quadruple bypass
heart surgery early last week.  He was released from the hospital late
Monday afternoon of this week and is doing and feeling great.  His
doctor said that there was no heart muscle damage and everything went
smoothly with the surgery.

Jim wishes to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and that he
should be almost back up to speed in a few weeks.  He is very happy to
be home again and is looking forward to trying to make it to the
Louisiana Section Convention in Monroe next month (with his doctor's

He may need to hitch a ride as he cannot drive for a while so if anyone
from SELA is planning to come to Monroe it would be great if you would
offer him a ride.

We continue to pray for Jim's complete recovery!

Gary Stratton K5GLS
LA ARRL Section Manager


*Here are the dates for the AARA Hamfest to be held in Rayne, Louisiana*

March 10-11 2012
March 8-9 2013

Roland NA5Q - 2011 Hamfest Chairperson

    *Thanks to all who emailed interest in various items. *

    Here is a revised list of what did sell and has not been sold.  .



    *Equipment NOW LOCATED IN FOLSOM, LA *

    Please contact by email:

    Dallas Ward

    POB 1111 Folsom, LA 70437 k1dw at aol.com

    Condition used but kept in good shape, sold AS IS.

    Pictures available, Shipping by buyer. Manuals as indicated. Can
    deliver to New Orleans, Houston and Columbus, GA plus locations
    between here and there..All prices are OBO



    Vibroplex key... SOLD JAP hand key covered in metal box, brought to
    USA after WWI... SOLD JAP hand key on wooden base, brought to USA
    after WWII ...SOLD J38 hand key on wood base WWII vintage...SOLD
    Radio Shack hand key on wood base... SOLD Heathkit HD10 with manual
    ... SOLD


    Pre WWII

    National HRO 5TA1 with coils A, B, C, D with speaker and power
    supply. S/N1297 - L297NEW PRICE... $400 Halicrafters Sky Champion
    S20RS/N 109657NEW PRICE... $250


    TenTec OMNI VI with all filters, 961 power supply, mike and Yaesu
    headphoneswith manual... $750 Drake L4B and Power supply... SOLD
    Homebrew "T" tuner used with high power mostly on 80 and 40... $75
    MISCELLANEOUS HEATHKIT Signal Generator model 1G-102...SOLD STATEK
    ATH15 counter... SOLD MFJ 207 Signal Analyzer... SOLD IC 25A 2 meter
    rig...SOLD PRECION APPARATUS CORP VOM pattern EV105S/N 8119... $20
    SHURE MIKE...SOLD Thanks Dallas Ward K1DW k1dw at aol.com 


*Volunteers Wanted*

The C.C.A.R.G. Crescent City Amateur Radio Group is looking for
volunteers to assist in communications for the 2011 Crescent City
Classic Road Race.  The race is scheduled for Saturday morning April 23
rd. 2011( In New Orleans). This event, is one of the largest public
service events in the greater New Orleans area. Last year they had over
22,000 runners in the race. Immediately after the race there is a
concert and festival. Our responsibilities as Ham Radio Operators are
to start each clock at each mile maker at the same time the signal is
given over the radio and to observe and report any problems on the race
course or with the runners to net control. Volunteers will receive a
FREE T- Shirt and a Blue Polo Shirt that says Emergency Communications
Amateur Radio Operator. If anyone is interested in participating please
contact Joe atJoen5ozg at cox.net  or call him at 504-288-7084.

 From Joe N5OZG


My wife and I really enjoyed the Rayne Hamfest this past weekend and
met many hams from AARA.  The AMSAT forum and fox hunt events
are remarkable.

As far as I know an invitation was mailed to your club for the
annual Hot Dog Social from Piney Hills Amateur Radio Assn.
in Ruston, La.

Everyone is invited and welcome.  It is always a lot of fun.  There
is no cost for the hotdog and burgers but there is a charge for
the crawfish.

This year if all goes well, The La. Tech. University ARC -- W5HGT,
plans to launch a high altitude balloon at this event to collect WX
data and use telemetry and APRS data coming from the balloon's
ascension.  It's a lot of fun.

I've included a flyer if you would want to post some of the
information on your website.

Thanks for your time,
'73 from WD5GBD

Deryl E. Sullivan
wd5gbd at hotmail.com <mailto:wd5gbd at hotmail.com>

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