[AARA] AARA Sunday June 17 FD Bulletin

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Jun 17 09:52:35 EDT 2012

This is part of the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (AARA) 
Field Day Event. More bulletins to follow. This year our FD is more or 
less geared on emergency communications. We invite anyone hams or 
non-hams to visit our FD event as soon as the location is announced.

Glen Thibodeaux KF5FNP
AARA Field Day Chairperson
kf5fnp at cox.net

Sunday June 17th.


Kaboudreaux now a weak CAT 5 hurricane has moved directly across 
Lafayette Parish causing major damage, before turning NE. NHC warns 
hurricane BOHICA, now a strong CAT 1, could follow the same path as 
Kaboudreaux. Red Cross opens more shelters in North Louisiana. If BOHICA 
follows Kaboudreaux's path the Red Cross shelters could remain open for 
4 to 6 weeks. No vehicles are being allowed back into the affected area.

DHS -- Deploys SAR drone and disaster evaluation team to the affected area.

Troy Landry is back home and ready to start filming again. Troy said he 
is going to run the lines he set before Kaboudreaux as soon as the film 
crew arrives.



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