[AARA] AARA Monday June 18 FD Bulletin

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Jun 17 21:39:33 EDT 2012

This is part of the Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Inc. (AARA) 
Field Day Event. More bulletins to follow. This year our FD is more or 
less geared on emergency communications. We invite anyone hams or 
non-hams to visit our FD event as soon as the location is announced.
Glen Thibodeaux KF5FNP
AARA Field Day Chairperson
kf5fnp at cox.net

*Monday June 18th. AARA 2 meter net called via simplex on 147.420? The 
Opelousas Area Amateur Radio Association club has
volunteered to let the AARA Monday Night Net to be called on their 
repeater 147.150 pl 103.5 it is still up and running.*

Jim Cantore reports that Lafayette Parish looks like a war zone. Jim 
reports trees and power lines are down, some areas still flooded, 
downtown area hit hard. Major building failures and all of Lafayette 
Parish remains without power. It could be days or weeks before residents 
are allowed back home. Cell phone, land line, and internet service 
completely down. Radio contact with most of the area hospitals has been 
established. Reports via ham radio from the area hospitals indicate a 
Katrina type condition. The hospitals are full of evacuees and there is 
no room for the people that have begun to arrive with injuries suffered 
during Kaboudreaux. Food and medical supplies are very limited. The 
pharmacy at two of the hospitals have been looted by evacuees.


Police and National Guard personal have been sent to provide security at 
the area hospitals.
NWS -- BOHICA is now a CAT 2 and following the same path of Kaboudreaux.

DHS - The van being used to transport the disaster evaluation team has 
stopped transmitting its GPS signal, it is feared that the team has been 
involved in some kind of a accident. The van was last seen at dusk 
clearing the state police road block on I-49 South of Alexandria. DHS is 
sending its drone to search the last known position of the van.

Troy Landry calls governor for help to locate the film crew, he already 
has a tree shaker on the line. Oil reaches $230.00 BBL.


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