[AARA] Louisiana Hams - W1AW/5 operation starts this week

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Jun 3 16:33:27 CDT 2014

Hello Louisiana Hams:
	Our turn here in Louisiana to run as W1AW/5 LA starts this Tuesday
night at 7pm local time. We have some basic info on the LCC website.
Go to n5lcc.com and look for the W1AW/5 link on the left. For stations in
Louisiana who want to take part in this, there is an instruction page, and
we also have a schedule page to see when certain band/modes are taken. There
are about 1500 slots per each mode, and we need operators to fill them.
Especially the first couple of days, the rates have been ridiculous for most
other states. After that, things settle down - some, but there have been
literally thousands of people wanting contacts with each of theW1AW/x
stations, on as many bands and modes as possible.

	If you want to take part, think it would be be neat to run as
W1AW/5, and are willing to follow the requirements, we would like to give
you a chance to operate. There is a link on the instruction page for those
who are assisting with scheduling. George, WA5KBH and Bert, W5ZR are
scheduling satellite and cw respectively. If you want a slot on either of
those modes, click on their link on the instruction page. If you want a slot
for ssb, rtty or vhf (if open), click the link on the instruction page or
email me and include one or two choices (include band, mode, and time). If
available, I'll put you down and confirm your slot'. (Hint - we need some
operators on during the day, when most of us are at work).

	I am currently playing "catch-up" answering emails received over the
past couple of weeks, so the schedule is changing rapidly as it is being
updated several times daily.

Mark, K5ER
W1AW/5 LA coordinator


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