[AARA] Ham gear for sale list:

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Jan 25 17:21:31 CST 2016

**The following items are for sale by Dave K4JRB.**
**He is asking $600 for everything or best offer:
**Contact Dave at: thompson at mindspring.com 
<mailto:thompson at mindspring.com>**

HENRY 2K Console  needs relay re-work.
HENRY 2K RF DEck working in 2012
HQ-120 that belonged to the last Hammarlund Chief Engineer restoreable.
HQ-110C Works but needs alignment.  Solid State rectifier mod, clock works
HC-10 works but no cover
HQ-129X George Meier W1LSB restore working looks good with matching speaker
Central Electric Slicer A Looks good restoreable
Gonset AM/CW Monitor works.
SX-100 watt meter for parts
W2AMJ/W4AMJ Hammarlund manuals including notes on the SP-600
A couple boxes of tubes many in boxes
A couple boxes of parts
Elmac A-54H parts unit
B&W 425 Low Pass Filter good 5 years ago
Simpson 600 VOM with leads but parts unit
Power meter TS-352 BU brlonged to Marty AA4RM
RCA Scope worked 6 years ago with correct manual

**I have virtually all manuals.

**Asking $600 or Best Offer

*73 Dave K4JRB
thompson at mindspring.com*
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