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APRIL 17-19, 2015- PETAL, MISSISSIPPI 39465



WØW is a special event station  activated between April 4- April 19, 
2015 in support of this event. POWWOW event date is April 17-19.  

Send direct  qsls to N5CW,  POB 52, Petal, Ms.. 39465,   containing  
SASE and return postage .  IRC_/not/_acceptable.  QSLS via bureau also 
to N5CW.

*Held on the third weekend of April each year, the City of Petal, MS.  
in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce and the University of 
Southern Mississippi Center for American Indian Research and Studies, 
host it's annual POWWOW at the Willie Hinton Memorial Park behind the 
public library.  The POWWOW  is free and open to the general public.   
So, that means you are welcome to attend.   Come and enjoy Native 
American culture.*

What is a*POWWOW*?   Celebration of heritage (past and future)

Reunion of family and friends

Educational experience for people of all ages

Community wide interactive event

   Opportunity to honor our Veterans

     and  Yes......we like to dance!

*The 2015 event honors Native American Code talkers of all U.S. wars.    
These Native languages were an essential part of battlefield 
communications during WWI,  WWII,  Korea and Vietnam. Many native 
PEOPLES  were code talkers including Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, 
Comanche, Meskwaki and  Navajo. Vietnam was the last war in which code 
talkers were utilized. *

*The first known use of code talkers occurred during WWI.    Cherokee 
and Choctaw were used for successful tactical campaigns.   This caught 
the attention of a young German named Adolph Hitler.   Hitler sent a 
group of anthropologist to the U.S. prior to WWII to study Native 
American languages but returned empty handed, finding them too difficult 
to master. Realizing this, the Allies did not make heavy use of code 
talkers within the European theater,  however,  some Comanche code 
talkers were utilized in the Normandy invasion.*

*The Navajo code is the only spoken military code never deciphered.    
Major Howard Connor of the 5^th Marine division stated  “were it not for 
the Navajos, Iwa Jima would have never been taken”.*

*2014 saw the deaths of  WWIIs' last remaining code talkers.   In April, 
Seminole, Edmond Harjo (96) and in June, Chester Nez, the last of the 
Navajo code talkers passed away.   Chester Nez was one of the original 
29 man group which  developed the code book  used in the Pacific.  
Navajo words like,  buzzard for bomber,  and iron fish for submarine, 
were examples.   Code words were carefully developed,  agreed upon, and 
memorized.   Books were never taken to the battlefield.   Being a code 
talker required a top secret security clearance and learning to send and 
receive the Morse code. *

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